Amends Lyrics - Young UpNComing

Amends Lyrics - Young UpNComing

[Hook: Young UpNComing]
Young and I’m Makin Amends, uh
Young we Makin Amends, uh
My girl being drivin a Benz, ay
You girl be drivin pretend, uh
We still be Makin Amends, uh
Young and I’m Makin Amends, uh
So far I’ve written like ten, uh
Go pen in my dividends, uh
Young and I’m Makin Amends, uh
Young Versus Sherk not again, nah
We just stay blessed up amen
Young and I’m Makin Amends, uh
Young we Makin Amends, uh
Louis Versace that’s zen
Gucci Gabanna that’s men
Channel Armani that’s ren (kylo)

[Verse 1: Young UpNComing]
Beefed up the bite, but I feed on no cows
I feed on success, just tryna know how
Not taking no Ls, I do no more fights
She slid in the Ms, I tell her one night
I’m tryna get As, I picked up some Bs
I used to want both, but I messed up you C
Got the big D, not talkin ‘bout Richard
Big Destiny, cuz I am the child
My thoughts are too wild
Too hot too handle Like sisters I know
That's Bellz and The Gi
It’s the O and the V
O and the me
Now do you see
It’s big things for me
All of these things they a part of me
Say all want abouta me
Imma stick to my words undoubtally

I'm young Simba

[Verse 2: Shrexecution]
Why do a verse for this nerd after you downright put him in the ground, right?
Maybe I gotta show his fans what real green ogre emcee sounds like
Betting I'm refreshing after getting your ears destroyed by his noise
Betting he’s here regretting this choice to fire back cause diss boy missed, boy
Ogre showman, blood so cold they call me frozen, I've spoken
So many bars so hard they provide noses for 24 snowmen
You want to borrow my gold bars, like scrubbing out a stain with Clorox
Your like a hobo posing for a photo right in front of Fort Knox
I ain't here for making a friend
I ain't here for making amends
I'm hoping this comparison’s enough of an embarrassment for your career to end
You know that I'm love and I'm life
Fly through your window at night
Guess it makes sense when you think about it for a donkey to hang around a GOAT, right?
I'm the OG emcee from Dreamworks, teamwork
With the dude with the Gucci belt and tee shirt, research
Rappers, make them irrelevant, destroy them
With eloquence, call me cobalt again ‘cause I'm in my element

[Young UpNComing]
People keep talking the trash, but we stay on our grind
Got money on mind, I’m the king I’m the Boss, and I’m drinking Der Voss
T-shirt ain’t Locste, I’m that Ralph Lauren gang

UpNComings in the name But still we all breathe the same

Most of my amends, there still salty they fake friends, but one of my real bros Jamesy C
That was a amend that turned into strong friendship, and you know once you make it then you can get rid of all the fakes, but for now, keep it up and make sure they in thier place