Lord Stunnah - The Testament Lyrics

Yo this ain’t a reunion this is ya resignation
A Position that Sadly remains vacant
I hate waiting
Be grateful I Stayed patient
Outta state with my bitch, while you niggas Baecation

Sun tans and lotion ya niggas done vacationed
Spraying cans in the open, Ya niggas done made statements
Revenge is sweet,& sweeter when I taste it
Take The L, now you face it
Yeah Ya been tweaking for a while, looking at your blunt like did They lace it
. Claim they don’t do shit for the clout, yet they chase it
Not they’re dreams, or a bag busy chasing popularity
Someone they pretend to be, the only one you lettem see
You taking steps backwards if your thinking you ahead of me
So Ima hit you when I feel you ain’t a threat to me
Plus You ain’t even Leaving Scars on my Legacy
& If I already killed you, that shit Dead to me

Sooner or later I’ll get it I’d rather Sooner
Within my apostles I peep Judas
Looking like lord thats how u Do us
Suit up, and lace ya boots up
Been ready for war, my nigga I keep a few Tucked

No name drop ...
Cus anybody a target
You in my crosshairs Get put in the bag, like you the product
Get Your name on a shirt like u Designed it
Your face on the front of the pendant so I could Pawn it
My uncle used to Smoke weed and give me lectures, Fucked hood boogers Cus they Accept us, What you expect from us
... In the back of the class, them teachers never checked on us
Every chance I get nigga ima Flex on em

What you expect from us

I see u there you on ya grind, photos in front of them signs, We know ya lying
How you on Hot 9, without rehearsing your lines
Everyday struggle with your rhymes, stop wasting ya time
Oh gawd

I Can’t be compared to none of my peers
Blood sweat & tears, & some of my fears
Thats what got me here
Found my sound with Nobody Ear
Nobody here, deflecting my message this what I want them to hear

Now Where the love at ..
Na where the motherfucking loyalty
None of you lames, in my lane, or ever opened doors for me
Nigga catch a lick, split it with me, like they Endorsing me
Don’t confuse being generous & entitlement to my Royalties

Give a nigga a hand, or a arm they still want more of me
Starting to feel funny round you i feel like you extorting me
Quit acting like you been in my crib for the last few weeks. listening to beats, found some heat, & wrote a verse for me
Then when I post about it & it’s like the nerve of me
You Believe in a nigga? then nigga start supporting me
.. oh you just waiting for it to show
Like early pregnancies
U wanna catch the glow off me
You will never be the Lord to me

I ain’t going to lie, all the writing on the wall, they can’t stand to see me wining, echo
Been walking round, with your handout asking round like nigga thanks for giving
Cus The day I lose my lords it would be a Epidemic
(When the fuck)
When the fuck ya gonna admit it
Got the game under control You could have it when I’m finished
{Or When I’m done with it,}
-Niggas never played a game, but they looking for a scrimmage
I Made bitches out you niggas, now all I hear is All u niggas bitchin, (bitchin)
Told niggas that the X gon be mine & they was looking like it isn't, (The X)
Nigga Tell me Who's is it
What you spitting hold no value how you expect em to listen
My nigga
..... Shoulda signed to Death Row killing shit while I be Penning
Plus I Put my life behind these bars, like If I was sentenced with em
Shit, With All that bad Wishing on me, I don’t believe in superstitions
Hope my Mommas prayers answered & all my sins were Forgiven


(Thats it?)