Sato Lyrics - Ari Hest

Sato Lyrics - Ari Hest


When I'm struggling to believe
Somehow you know I need you by my side
When I dig myself a hole
Begin to lose control
You slow me down
My little Sato

Everybody wants to know you
Doesn't matter where we go you steal the show
They stop to reach for you
Forget where they were headed to
You turn them round
My little Sato

Well I may have rescued you
But the opposite is far more true
And I hope that somehow you see
All the difference you made in me

I like to watch you dreaming
I wonder what you see and where you are
Are you out of harms way
Or have you gone astray
Am I by your side
My little Sato

We can walk around the hood
Wander off into the woods if you say so
To think there was a time
You weren't in my life
Where would I be now
Without my Sato

Well the house needs a real good clean
Golden hairs all over my blue jeans
But I'll gladly pick up after you
'Cause you do the same when I am blue

Ooh, Sato
Ooh, Sato
Ooh, Sato
Ooh, Sato