Deetranada – NEWRECORDING5 Lyrics

NEWRECORDING5 Lyrics - Deetranada

You either down or you ain’t
I Can’t be alone cause I might go insane
You tell me speak my mind but I don’t cause I can’t
At the end of the day everybody the same
Don’t waste my time little nigga stop playing
Nah it ain’t a joke do I look like I’m playing

I don’t talk cause I rather be quiet cause rejection is a way worse pain
We was in your Cadillac switching lanes
I enjoy that day I hope you feel the same
I had feelings for you since the ninth grade
And no I never said nothing

But could I say
You seen me go through heartbreaks and my heart get thrown away
While you just sit back and let me go through the pain
See you had a girl I know
And yeah I guess you left her
But you know I coulda been the one that coulda been in your face
Do you like me?

Probably not
Can I shoot my shot like Kyrie?
Probably block
Did you catch the hints yeah I’m probably hot
Please don’t leave

Your all I got
My homicidal thoughts probably scare you
I’m the type of girl that I can’t prepare you for
Can’t prepare you for
The sorrow the sorrow

I’m sorry I bothered you
I bother you
I said the sorrow the sorrow
I’m sorry I bothered you