Jesse Judies – Silvestre Lyrics

Silvestre Lyrics

Verse 1:

Just when i begin to live a life
The Consequence of skin A wilderness I dreamt about
I find your eyes yeah
Just passing phrase

What kept our worlds apart is in our hands
No distance that can harm us don’t even think about it
Shine, your light


We should be together if You’d surrender
Caught up in our wants till things fall apart (time)
Cause things fall apart
We could be together if remember
If you remember time tears things apart (time)
Time tears things apart apart

Time tears things apart

Verse 2:

The fallacy began when I arrived
The wantonness I have ( I had) A wilderness within, without
Alive, alive yeah
I wanna be the one one choose you can Burn it all down, do whatcha gotta do
From the capital to the avenues There’s a billion lies between me and you
Time tears things a part