Leavemealone - CRACK Lyrics

CRACK Lyrics

[Intro: Leavemealone]
Chains swangin' low lookin' like a crack addict
Chains swangin' low so cold
Chains swangin' low lookin' like a crack addict

[Verse 1: Leavemealone]
Diamonds got a n*gga looking like a crack addict
If you want it come and get it, hoe I been had it
Ay, got a hoe suckin like I been T-Pain
She wanna talk about her membrane
Make her pus*y drop like that sh*t rain
Never been the one to say I'm luKang
Never wanna be the one to take my chain
Got a lot on the way, not again
Calling my phone, decline again
Yes we have a problem, contact my plane
Dedicate a hoe to my wrist
Drop it like it's hot, no ricochet
Intake my dope, you gotta pay
No damn payday, you got to pay
When I think about it I may be high, nutted in her eye now she camera shy (x3)

[Hook: Leavemealone]
Like, she look great, can I hit that?
Ass so phat, can I hit that?
Mouth look great, can I hit that?
Ass so phat, can I hit that ?
Weed lookin' like gas, propane
Wanna die cuz' fame, Cobain
Weed so loud, n*gga, chest pain
Shot a n*gga down, n*gga Lo mein

[Verse 2: NIKKO]
Ay, you know I been had it young n*gga live lavish
Diamonds on a n*gga like a got a new Patek
Rollin up the havoc make a n*gga asthmatic
Houdini with the magic make a n*gga b*tch vanish
Who said I ain't a G? Muhf*cka move dope
Whole team seal six, pus*y boy up in a scope
Danny in a phantom make a n*gga go ghost
Got way too many diamonds 'round my neck might choke like wait How'd he hit that n*gga without aimin?
Black up in my eye darker then night shoutout to Satan
On another level above you like levitation
And I ain't got no patience, Head off decapitation
pus*y precipitation, lil n*gga Super Saiyan
And if you really bout a bag then get up out a basement
Like wait, young n*gga smokin boof pack
Like no, pus*y n*gga you can't hit that (x2)
Heart up in my motherf*cking chest so cold
Got pus*y ass n*ggas trynna bite my flow
Said I want the motherf*cking neck like throat
I light a n*gga up just like the blunts I smoke
Drink a n*gga blood through the gold my fang
Leave a n*gga lone with the chrome might bang
Imma let it blow, let it bust yo brain
Said you a pus*y n*gga can't touch my gang