Swordplay - Jerome Lyrics


Jerome Lyrics

Every now and then again
I find an event in life that I can’t understand
I don’t think that God or you had any masterplan
I can tell all that by the way that you lived
And the way that you eventually died
When I found out about you, Jerome, I cried
They flew the body
Back to the Patrie to be buried under Parisian skies
I was right here, thinking of the time you told me
I should leave town, go to the mountains, and get some peace of mind
The plan was to come back when I knew it was time

Come on tell me now, now where you at Jerome?
You were such a nice guy even your ghost is welcome in my home

I remember clear as day the night I ran into you with your friend
I was on vacation in the City of Light, stumbling drunkenly with mine
I said, “Monsieur, comment ça va? Mais je crois que j’hallucine!”
Et c’était comme ci, comme ça, j’estime

This all means something to me now
But somehow back in the winter of ‘06
Such a coincidence couldn’t exist
Because things were going a little bit too rich and well
Well, it was the Spring when I came out of my shell
I couldn’t say if I fell out or said to hell with it
I really can’t tell
But I never made it back to that class
And I never finished that paper
You even said I could write to replace
An Incomplete a year later
It was a favor that was offered to me in an e-mail
A little bit down the road
Now I guess at your death with great detail
Please know that I’d sail across the whole Atlantic
I’d try to pay my respects and not panic
But I wrote a rap song about it cos my reaction is mechanic
And I can’t can it or capture the dead accurately in my canon
Pose un lapin holding a lantern
I’m a go ahead and hit my head on that god damn granite
I remember the time you said, “Man, I’m useless without my coffee,”
And I know that we had that in common
But I can’t help but wonder if there was another problem . . 
Faculty members won’t talk about it
They think about it, but they keep it on the hush
And I’m sorry to your legacy, sir, if I talk too much

Come on tell me now, now where you at Jerome?
You were such a nice guy even your ghost is welcome in my home

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