YFN Lucci - Paid In Full Lyrics

Paid In Full Lyrics

My nigga, Fly
Dae Dae, what's up?
(Dramatic, nigga)
Oh you think it's a game?
Yeah, uh

[YFN Lucci:]
Paid in full, still on the paper trail
And I took so many losses, I can't stand another L, huh
Can't stand it, get a chill, remember times when you weren't there
Yeah, say I remember those times when the whole crew was here
Clothes or some shoes to wear
Even in the one-bedroom, the whole crew was there
Even then, Q was there
Yeah, how you want it, lil' faggot? Go on, choose ya death, huh
See, I'm the type to keep your head for a souvenir
And I wouldn't even lose a breath
A lot of real niggas, they gone, ain't too many shooters left
A lot of bullshit goin' on, but I gotta persevere, huh
Make 'em feel it like I'm readin' mail
Like I'm sittin' in the jail in my lonely cell
If I can't get no dollar out this shit, I'd rather burn in Hell
If I ever start, I can't quit, I gotta prevail
I been goin' hard, but I gotta go harder and harder and harder
Gotta take care of my seeds, I'm a father
Gotta raise one lil' me and three daughters, huh
I'ma be the one to give them the game as a toddler
Shit, I can't be the blame, you, everything I taught ya
I got out the game, but still be paranoid
Lord know the whole gang there but they ain't got no choice
Ayy, they gon' go against the gang, but they gon' get destroyed
I been on a lot of pain pills, everything numb
I been on a lot of pain pills, I swear I hope the pain heal
See, I ain't got to say say they well
If you say it, make it clear
I just hope my nigga made some M's or I'd be prayin' still
Some my niggas strugglin' payin' bills so they be layin' steel
And no, we don't fuck with cops
Roaches or rats, we don't like rodents
We shoot with our eyes open
We dreamed about coppin' Rollies
I'm still with my same homies
Still'll let my man hold it
Still get it for the low, pop the seal, gon' pour it

Just tryna get paid in full, woah-ahh
You know how I feel, I been broke before
But now I'm gettin' paid, gettin' paid, yeah
Paid in full, paid in full
I just let it stack up so high
So high, blow the smoke out
I'm just tryna get by, get by
Put my whole hood on
I watch you niggas get paid in full
Don't let 'em trick you out yo' money, though
I'm swimmin' through them hunnids, though
Can't leave them kids no Gucci belts, nah
I need to leave my kids some land, need that money in my hand
I'm tryna get paid in full