ASMOLK - Afterword Lyrics

[Verse 1: ASMOLK]

Not a lot of time
Spend  It on myself
Lotta  people hate
They ain't going no where
I stopped dreaming cuz its here
I  be riding shotgun
Put  my haters in the rearview
Tell em I can’t hear you

Tell  em turn it up cuz this shit my jam
I need less stress and more fans
Already got some but I know it ain't enough
Man the industry is tough
Think  I need a 100 grand

I just smoked some so im feeling myself
Burning my lungs like fuck my health
Y’all be trippin over wealth
Give a fuck about belt
But you I know I gotta flex
Put a record on the shelf

I just gotta elevate
See it from a birds eye
Mice in a maze
I be eating like its stir fly
I be on a wave that they ain't on
Coming back to earth
Man I hope that I dont stay long
Dont fucking get the name wrong
Stephen with the range
Allen with the aim
Lotta people rapping and they all sound the same
Yeah they taking shots
But don't know who run the game
Give em what they want
And they only want the pain
Cannot see the picture cause you need a bigger frame
All I see is rain
I'm deranged
Want the reins to the world
As i travel thru space
Raging but gotta keep it caged
Before I go rouge and I break somebody face
Please dont try me its one of them days
Man on the moon in my room
I just wanna go but the flights keep changing
Mic set changed
A little over budget
But ima put the work in and I know that they got love it
Time is an investment
And time is in abundance
So 2 + 2
You’ll be hearing this in London

From dreaming and to scheming
To rolling and leaving
I give em what they want
And I give them what they need
So When The World Stops
And your mind on the run
I can give you something that you can believe