Brakence - Gotchu Lyrics

They can keep the key
What might have been lost doesn’t bother me
The wolves or sheep
With this blood on my hands
I’m making amends
I’ll move slowly
And I’ve worried that you’re worried
Cos I wanted
To be like my momma
And get stronger
But you can never put a label on me
We don’t got no id
And if everyone had their reply
I’m on read
I gotchu
I gotchu
I gotchu
I gotchu
I get burning eyes
Whenever I take my own advice
It is really mine
I want help don’t need luck
And I don’t give a fuck if you want me to
I’ve learned it’s gotta come from inside me
I don’t need to rhyme
And I don’t need no ivy/IV
I’ve been here all night
I can’t think to forget for you baby I’ll
Carry all of you on me
Ooo we’ll be fine
Now I gotchu
I gotchu
I gotchu
I gotchu

When you hold my hand
I think “we should make more plans
But you going out in san
What’s the point being friends”
But I’ll never leave your IG hole
And if I fall out in that cold
I trust that you’ll get over that
You wanted me to reaccept my end

I gotchu