Dangerfield - Flem Lyrics

Verse 1:
I  ain't a rapper
I’m  a lyrical disaster
After all the loot and treasures we
Devilish fuck the heavenly

Everything’s  temporary
Egregious  visionary
Who’s mind is a cemetery
Can’t  find where the body’s buried

Came to take all your closest possessions, Ya life
Sick as fuck, overwhelmed with depression. See I
Only act upon my thoughts of most aggression
Tell  em if Satan’s got take me, we’ll bring hell upon the heavens

I keep my condom stash
Inside a body bag
I’m so obnoxious that
If she ain’t call me daddy
I ain’t calling back

And I put that on my first born
Or more like my fourth abortion
I’m so high, spitting jet fuel till we leave em scorching

Treat my bitches like syringes
If it’s just an addiction
I cut it off in a second
Before I catch an infection

I reckon next one
Better not be so benevolent
Fucking with young malevolent
Treat everything like excrement

Verse 2:
I ain't a rapper
I’m a lyrical disaster
Casper off a couple adderall
Decapitating cats and all

Put yayo in my applesauce
And started treating acid
Like asodopholis tablets, man what a habit I’ll-

Need a sabbatical
Radical off the rocker
And often catapult
Into the madder side and I’ll
Never go meet a badder guy

No sadder life to live than the one inside of an addicts mind
In time you’ll find the ashes of Evan amongst the outta line

Burned the roof of my synagogue and got a flogging
Man fuck a coffin, imma rest inside bikini bottom
I’m hella awesome, signing autographs while death is calling
Eating apples rotten, never autumn, blast and gassing on em

Crashed the Ashton Marten
Trynna park in side of Adams garden
Hardly scratched the car but eve done smashed her heart and started barking
Passing masses walking
Past the lost see I’m the last forgotten
Member of the cemetery
Psychedelic visionary

Who don’t know what acting is
Assassinating capital pigs
The slaughterhouse they all bout talking
Shit but never the biz
I sock em in the mouth and tell em how this shit really is
Man fuck the government, the president be killing our kids

Their innocence forever severed never given the chance
When hate perpetuates the norm and love is silenced we can’t
Keep trynna elevate ourselves when we rewinding the tape
And this the normal type of shit they hearing every day