"R3D R00M"

(Verse 1)
Moshpit, getting ready for the fucking storm bitch
Oh shit, thought you said that you do really want it
Walk bitch, don't look back cuz you are getting dropped bitch
Calling, scream my name out just like you still want me
I kill niggas while I'm high yuh
Got a Glock 9 on my side yuh
Uber on my dick oh ride yuh
4x gotchu on my sight yuh
Fuckboys think they wild yuh
Smack you like a child yuh
Died for me to smile yuh
Chilly nigga you are mild
Match making with 'em like I'm playing csgo yah
I make bread yeah I make mother fucking dough yah
My dicks in your bitch and now she screaming oh yah
Fist fight outta no where you would think it's ghost jah

Ahaha y'all thought i was slow huh
Bruh u speechless i can see thru your front camera bitch
Aight listen to this now
I wanna see you headbang pussy

(Verse 2)
Resting, i dare you to go and just say it
Face it, I'm your fear bitch you cannot erase me
Lazy, sunrise going up and i will fade it
Faze it, 720 insta flipping jump off like a rabbit
Put that nigga in the fucking red room
Gopro rolling watching on his fucking bloody death doom
Watching how he start to dig his mother fucking dead tomb
Turn you into dust bitch hear the fucking big boom hey

I've been going off for the 10th day hey
They be talking shit like i won't change yah
You still think i won't know shit aye
Don't cry on the floor when I'm up there hey