Insane Clown Posse - Big Bad Wolf Lyrics

Big Bad Wolf Lyrics

Insane Clown Posse

"Big Bad Wolf Lyrics"

"Big Bad Wolf"

I'm deep off in these woods, and I'm hungry as hell
I see a stacked little biddy comin' down the trail
She had a red mini skirt and a bitch-had ass
Like two beach balls stuffed down the back of her pants
She got a basket of cheeseburgers, too. I can smell them
She said, "Stay away, evil wolf, or I'm tellin'"
I'm like "Why you gotta act like a fuck-ass bitch?
You could throw a woof some of them fries, right quick"
But the bitch broke. I sprinted quick as hell down a back trail
I know the ho be as slow as a snail
I got to Grandma's first and ate the bitch right there
Put her robe on and wig and waited in her chair
In walks Little Red. She said, "Something's wrong
Grandma, why is your face hairy and long?"
I snarled my teeth and showed Grandma's blood
And said, "Bitch, top me off, unless you want some"

Run, bitch!
Before you get your ass cheeks ripped off! Ha ha!
Who's afraid of the big bad woof?
The big bad woof? The big bad woof?
Who's afraid of the big bad woof?
He'll rip your fuckin' throat out

I be the big bad boy daddy bad-ass woof
And I own this ghetto-ass patch of the woods
Here come three little bitch boys, richies. They was piggies
But they was just bitches to me
I said "Fuck that shit. Build a house on my block
And I'm blowin' it down. Don't come showin' around"
But they laughed it off and had me thrown in the pen
For threatenin'. When I got out, they been moved in
What the fuck they think they provin'?
What the fuck they doin'? What the fuck, my fangs are droolin'
The first house I blew down was straws and sticks
House gone, but he was left there taking a shit
I tried to get him. He ran into the second piggy home
It was made of good lumber, but I got they number
I took a hit of the magic blunt, blew that shit down
And they both ran off into the big compound
The third shit was a fortress made out of stone
Ain't no way that's comin' down. Plus, the blunt gone
I just walked right through the front door and killed all three
In the living room. Blame it on the full moon (Awoo!)

Bitch, beware. The woof Sometimes gets wicked, wicked (Awoo!)
If I die, please bring me back a woof; Let me be wicked
So beware; the woof sometimes gets wicked, wicked (Awoo!)
Don't chase the woof no more. What for? He's only wicked, wicked

So I'm sittin' there, chillin' with four dead sheep in the freezer
I'm with this fine-ass French poodle skeezer
And I hear some kid yellin' "WOLF! WOLF!"
But I run this bitch. This is my home, my hood
Who the fuck is they talkin' about attackin' they sheep?
I ain't even been down there in a fuckin' week
Next night, I'm all up under this ho's tail, nose deep
Same shit again: "WOLF! SAVE THE SHEEP!"
What the fuck is they problem? I ain't even attackin'
I'm over here gettin' my dick sucked, relaxin'
They must be chasin' off some squirrels or somethin'
Either that, or that dumb fuck kid is frontin'
But I am runnin' low on my sheep from their yard
And next week the boys are comin' by to cue and play cards
So that night, I went on my monthly prowl with the snarl
Every backyard, I piss and leave hot [?]
I started headed for the flock of fat fluffy-ass sheep
And they go "Baa!" even in they fuckin' sleep
And the kid seen me, for real, and started blowin' up the spot
He cried, "WOOF!" but nobody came. I took all they got

I wanna prowl like the woof do at night (Da woof man)
I wanna howl like the woof do, and be a fright (Shit, werewolves?)
I wanna prowl like the woof do at night
(Think I'm trippin', the woof will snatch yo' ass out the [?])
I wanna howl like the woof do, and be a fright (Shit!)
I wanna prowl like the woof do at night (Oh, you ain't scared of a woof?) ([?])
(You'll be scared of a woof when it takes your leg back home to its pups, mother fucker)
I wanna howl like the wokf do, and be a fright (Shit)
I wanna prowl like the woof do at night (Shit) (Shit)
(Snatch a bite out yo bitch ass) (Out yo bitch ass!)
I wanna howl like the woof do, and be a fright

Gettin' a hope from God
To be able to see
To discern the times of the seasons that's ahead of you
[*speaking in tongues*]
To discern the times of the s-
[*speaking in tongues*]