Little Wings - Laugh Now Lyrics

Little Wings

"Laugh Now"

They'll take me to the distance, won’t they? I hope they do
In the dawn, I ask you only find a place for you
In the whale I wasted, I knew and the breath I blew
Dear time, will daylight dawn then, it will all come true

I'm broken in two by the life I've broken, but I broke it for you
Hearin’, I go back from the words I've spoken, hear cry "coo coo"
Dove, my dove, won't you lie down now, I lie with you
Go across the field, like the light in the land now, like the breeze, I blew

And life now, you know I love you
Sing out like God above you
I thought you were singing to me
Here sing the god in the things you sing

And now that we live everywhere, my brother, my sister too
Hands in your hair from the windy mother, when the sky turns blue
Everyone will be my only lover in the day, brand new
Look into my eyes, look at your eyes, wonder with a gaze that's true

I'm not the man that they think I am at home now, since I've gone, I grew
What was me, I wonder? What he was, she was, so I seemed like you
I'm about to sing so I'll remember how it felt, yahoo
I recollect it all with a mind so limber, I let it all come through

So sleep now, you know I love you
Sing soft like God above you
I knew you were singing to me
So I sing you God in the breath I breathe