Master Chef Toast – #STALKYSTOGIE Lyrics

Fuck outta here trying to clown me
I'll go FREESTYLE, you go drown B
What's the right place to rap and flow out streams?
You seem to know where the fountain is

Ain't no mainstream or underground scenes
Just I'm down with this, and or I found the keys

Is that a sound glitch with our mouth piece?

So if the town team don't get the crowd please
And there's a better player around the streets
Whose fault is it? Is it the scout or me?

I ain't chasing nothing but my loudest dreams
What's numbers to a scholar with accounting skills?

If there's something I'm chasing is the sound I seek?
I'm the God they look up to in the clouds to plead

I've been a proud prince now crown me king

In the places I rap there's a thousand Trills
Send the location, I do it astoundingly
How about we meet exactly where you found the kid?

It's the Forest Hill Drive after countless trees

God's Eye View is a classic record
So if you have such stunning glasses
Why must we rap it...
Where your smart ass reckons...
We'll have acceptance?
At times this art's depressing
Cos the stars in legends...
Tend to not wanna impart the lessons

Ain't emotional
Just to caution yo
Y'all can close the doors we still in motion though
All for community work not for socials
Damn I'm so for sure

If there's right places to rap, you wrong not to invite me
If there's right phrases to rap, this song will sure rewrite it
If there's right faces for rap, Hip hop is such a bore recycling...

The same O' B trice
Y'all watered down, I'm Jesus' wine
They can't deal with mine, just want a deal of mine...
Tell Slikour On life
To catch up to God speed and drive
Got infinite rhymes
Flow streaming live...
Through the river nile
Niggas just arrived
I'm real nigga time

Cut deep precise than a kitchen knife

What's a full fridge with no one to cook?
What's a full clip, with no one to shoot?

If you truly a fan honor the soil and roots
Looking down on us is disappointing dude

I know these niggas wanna do what boitjies do

Watch Boity lit while they are boiling it

Exactly what the other botjies did

I mean what do they know about royalties?

Ain't the type to just wanna flip the coin and spit
Y'all can type, I wanna flip the coin and split

You got your taste of fame, you enjoy that shit

The whole crowd could make you glow out and raise your gold crown
But when I show my bow, I sure hold it down
Keep the street credit, I own accounts
Buy my album NOW, or just close your mouth

Unloose, I fed, I'm further light
You lose ya fat, you feather light
I do it best, you better try
I cross the T and dot my Letter I

May the legendary idols be never our rivals
Treating Ginger Trill likes he's the second arrival
Does God's Eye not even see no further Revivo?

Can do the bad work, or be a good man
Do the burb flex, or move the hood work
Do the Cass Dance, or be a book work

Should there be a motive for Motif to sign
This remotely like me auditioning live
Reach my office line, you got the official dial
The best in whatever terms and conditions liked
Cook on hell fire, all this kitchen is mine
Honestly, battlerap so misses yo sight
Allow me to be your mortician in time

Fuck what your title did, I need my title deed
I earned my stripes, I ain't entitled T

Get me up on Sway I'm a wild hyena
Young niggas confuse life for Insta
I don't follow trends, ain't the type for Twitter

Stogie for real you been a Top-Tier nigga
If you wanna pass the torch, I'm here nigga
I'm best there is, let's get it clear nigga
Ain't none of these rappers that I fear nigga
Pro raised me well, those the years nigga
Now how can I look up to my pears nigga?

Ain't verse of the month, I'm timeless
Can't purchase the love, it's priceless
On heavens above, your highness
Take the battles as they come, I'll fight back
Where's the ladder to the top, will climb that
F'n just get a job or freestyle man