Miles Powers - Bothered Lyrics

I can’t even ever bother, ain’t ever wear a condom
But I’m fucking in the autumn like it’s summer, don’t condone it
Now I’m drunk at Dunkin’ Donuts with that 12-piece nugget from McDonald’s
Cup of Folgers homie helping me chug it

I can’t even ever bother, ain’t ever taking showers
Bit of powder in my nose I’ll charge your party by the hour
Hot headed, not medicated for the moment
Cold blooded, nocturnal, dread the day I see the morning

[HOOK X 2]
And it’s like that sometimes (yea yea yea yea)
If you like my dumb rhymes (well well well well)
Yell it back like one time (yea yea yea yea)
They can’t rap they tongue tied (too true, too true)

I can’t even ever bother, been on my odyssey but taking detours
Shake and Bake like Ricky Bobby speeding rev the V4
My reverend says deceitfulness is sin, I’m such a sinner see
Been sipping till I’m sick as seesaws will get you

Now get your picture with me ‘fore I die young
Like “look here, it’s me!” stare at screens till my eyes numb
Germaphobe, slurping soap until my circuits blow, till I’m worthless bro
Pushing friends away but keeping serpents close

(True), damn I never text a homie back
If I only had a million dollars that’d be all I have
If I only had a million followers they’d all be let down
Don’t invest now, Miles ain’t the best route

I can’t even bother with all that conversation
Yea that noise got me out of it
Calm and patient, nominate you for a drama flick
That ain’t confrontation just a comment that you loud as shit

[HOOK X 2]

I can’t even bother, someone write a hook for me
Steal your ad-libs like “eghck,” call me Pusha T
Copycat until they look at me, yea
Manufactured personality my label took a fee

I can’t even bother, can’t even finish songs!
Been writing for a minute but the ending feelin’ off
I ain’t that inventive y’all, apathetic menace y’all
No exclamation mark, end my sentence with a dot