Miles Powers - Everyone & Anyone Lyrics

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[VERSE 1 - Miles Powers]
Timmy D off the backboard with the post moves
Yea that’s circa ‘02, nervous blazin’ all the purple haze
And bumpin’ old school records, just chillin' for a second bitch
My city gentrifying I ain’t fucking with no Whole Foods

Ain’t foresee quitting but I know that love dies
Kobe Bean Bryant how I’m throwing up shots
Bombastic prick making bars packed as shit
I’m lost in sauce kid, calm crashed the whip

I whipped it far past the lip of the ravine
Thinking out the box but live within my means
But I see the scene, yup, lately I’ve been figuring
Rappers lack in status so they fake it like they bigger than

[HOOK X 2 - Miles Powers]
Everyone, everyone…
Throw your petty funds like confetti bruh

[VERSE 2 - Marc]
Keepin' it a hundred like I’m Chamberlain I’m made to win
Chamber pot of secrets keep it hidden in my basement
In case you didn’t know, I come and go just like the waves
I think it’s time I spit a couple rhymes remind ‘em who the greatest is

Dirt up on my name I’ll make a garden you can bet that
Bars turn ‘em into James Harden watch ‘em step back
Star in the night sky, jealous when I shine
Writing all my days off, feel like Ferris when I rhyme

Yea it’s paramount I turn a pair of mountains into mole hills
Lost in the matrix, fuck it, taking both pills
Doctors tryna diagnose the flow this shit is so ill
Get up out my way before I turn you into roadkill, beep beep

Cops sleep sleep while the streets weep, wake up
Tryna blame us, can you please leave?
Hood turn us all into ballers now we shoot steel
Man this life is just a movie, but it’s too real

[VERSE 3 - Miles Powers]
When I pass it bitch you better hit single double with ten assists
Momma gave me books to read no Sega in my Genesis
‘Bron and AD teamed up, Steph and KD teamed up
Ballers buddy-buddy with each other but I’ll tell you that your scene suck

Best you practice back your rap again
Guess I had to laugh at your babbled talk of extravagance
The gravitas got me tense, so I crack a beer
Asking: what has happened here? I can’t feel, I can’t feel

[HOOK X 2 - Miles Powers]
Anyone, anyone…
Throw my petty funds like confetti bruh

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