Miles Powers - Laissez Faire Lyrics

[VERSE 1 - Miles Powers]
I’m a fucking shithead, stumble awkwardly misled
Humble talk on beats then back to brag, did you miss me?
My inner ear hear the ambiance as the bombs all drop
Screaming “mazal tov,” popping lots of pills to calm my thoughts

Scribbled memos all I got, ripping demos never drop tracks
I get sidetracked, trippin’ till my time’s sapped
Tiptoe in lions caves like I’m blind to danger yea
Made it out the minor leagues my homie got the Ranger Tab

[HOOK X 2 - Miles Powers]
Ain’t it sad though, never satisfied still
Even when the status high yea can’t a guy chill?

[VERSE 2 - Miles Powers]
I’m a fucking vagabond hanging on to my anger yea
Hit you with a blank stare, look here honey, life ain’t fair
So I’m laissez-faire, ignorance bliss but the lies impair
Should’ve been a Christian but God ain’t real

When in doubt, light a dollar bill, draw a pentagram
Mental damage, I been managing my life of sin
Handing over licensing, make rice put ricin in
Broken heart I’m icing it, I’ll live twice is life is meant to be

[HOOK X 2 - Miles Powers]

[VERSE 3 - PC Pete & Miles Powers]
I get higher, I been dying
Don’t know the meaning of dreaming I mean that it ain’t that satisfying
I’ll show you movies of life, the lotus blooming tonight
I exercise my demons, I ain’t exorcise ‘em, I been extra high

And bless the fire, fire burning burn a tree
Fire frying furnace heat, why you lie absurdities?
My demons don’t play, no snow days, and Monet is how I bleed these colors
I like to fuck but I’ll be damned if I need a lover

We keep it buck like we murder deer
Birdie birdie baby, why you love to hate me? I ain’t leave you hurt in years
Curtains closed, serpents lurking so I’ve been learning still how to spot ‘em
Never learned to feel, shit I turned to pill popping just to feel alive

Guilty when I’m killing time
I been about my work but I’m shorting circuits can’t simmer down
So take some psilocybin, still as high as I been
Ever, it’s a real assignment to be chillin' vibin' motherfucker

[HOOK X 2 - Miles Powers]