Ryan Del Gray - PSYCHO Lyrics

Ryan Del Gray


[Verse 1]
Don't ask me "why did you hurt me?"
You know I hate that damn fake type
Crowns on me, I’ma rule the world
Psychos love me, fuck all the rudeness

[Chorus 1]
You bite me, bite my tongue?
Smoke a crown, smile at me?
Fuck some kids, leave 'em 'lone
Pennywise loves your fake smile (Bitch)

[Instrumental break]

[Verse 2]
Sick thoughts 'bout seduce my dolls
Cannabis fucked up your doll- (House)
Change your mind, speak it louder
You're with a slut, think it's psycho (Duh)

[Chorus 2]
Take off my soul, then take off your jeans
Burnin' a car, then eat its ashes
Fuck all the sluts, wait a minute
Call me psycho, but you deserve to be call that (Ha!)

[Instrumental break]

Stop callin' me psycho
I'm really good at bein' bad
I don't like that type
Fuck all the psychos, bitch

You suck on my balls and be a sucker
You don't care 'bout your mom
You fucked up your life

Don't be a psycho
Don't be a psycho
Don't be a psycho