Lew Salem - Shia Kazing Lyrics

Shia Kazing Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lew Salem]

Aye, aye, aye, aye

Ain’t that a B, see I give her that D and I do it with ease, F
Geeze, gimme my peace or I’m running the streets and you really gon’ see when I become a
Beast; circle these niggas like sea bears. Circle these niggas like sharks
These niggas sweeter than eclairs, sweeter than tarts. Keepin’ it

Harsh; straight to the point, blunt as a nickel when talking of coin
Don’t come at my niggas with bass in your voice; stick to the treble or erase the noise. Make the right
Choice. It could save your life, that’s heavy price
You don’t want the wrath of a lion with a healthy pride
Don’t you roll the dice; if you come up snake eyes, then you’ll have nowhere to hide, on sight I’m

Salem Aizawa, erasing these niggas. Lewis Hamilton, outracing these niggas
Out pacing these niggas; I do ‘em like Apple: outdated these niggas. Never had nothing to say these niggas
Thunder God, bow down and pray to me nigga
Counterfeit, not what you claim to be nigga
How did this, come to me flaming you niggas?
Your cowardice showing, you

Shame, shame, shame, shameful, buzzer-beater for the game
Ice beating in my veins, had to do ‘em like Kawhi. Do ‘em like Dame when I wave ‘em goodbye with the
Blank face, like I’m not entertained; Like i been here before, like I did it the same
Like no matter the income the outcome ain’t change
Like it’s nothing to lose, so it’s all for the gain

[Verse 2]


When you this amped up, it’s hard for these niggas to be on this wavelength
When you go this nuts,it’s not a surprise that I stay with Payday
When you lift this hard, not alotta niggas come with the same strength
When you ride this wave, splashin’ drown out any sound of the mayday

Don’t put a price on my head, cause I ain’t dyin’ till I’m dead
Keep a dime in the bed, with a lime on the edge
Of the cup that I sip when I sit on the ledge, I don’t feed ducks with the bread
Been gettin’ fed up with the feds, I need some rest; goin’ from

Little Italy to livin’ in Italy. I heard the pasta hit differently
The villainous scent from the infamy, all on these niggas the stench really sicken me
The pinnacle of the epitome; divinity all in my energy
I pray on the daily, been thankin’ God greatly for blessings and all that he give to me

Yes, Lawd, I feel it comin’ like good vibrations
I feel it comin’ like eyes rolled back, toes curled down, arm up with the leg shakin’
You know the feeling, understand why I can’t stop now?
I been so patient, oh ever so patient, this jack in the box boutta pop out

I remember 6th grade, chubby nigga with the braids, round in the face
They used to shit on me now I’m the shit; you gotta tell me man, how does it taste?
I’m talkin’ the humble cake on now on your plate, to know you the rabbit that bowed out the race?
You came to compete but you fouled out the game; swung for the fence but struck out at the plate?

Wow… couldn’t be me
S’all good where I be; I done crossed all my T’s
Flossed on ‘em like teeth; plottin’ like a ponzi scheme
Needa do better at keepin’ my cool so I don’t lose my temper and pop steam

I can’t afford a melt down, too many people done held down
I keep a list so I know who to hit when I’m king of the city and in town
Only the people that been round, since Day 1, like molecules
I’d say that these niggas is clowns, but that would mean saying they’re funny; I’m not amused

I’m unenthused, I’m unimpressed; you should take time to reassess
It’s high time that we addressed the fact you not cut out to be the best
And I know it’s hard to believe but you can’t wear your heart on your sleeve in the land of the heartless:
The land of the flawed, the land of the dogs, the land of the lawless

Lew Salem - Summertime Lyrics

Summertime Lyrics


In the summertime (in the summertime)
In the summertime, we like
We like to play (in the summertime, in the summertime)

In the summertime (in the summertime)
In the summertime, we like
We like to play (in the summertime, in the summertime)

[Verse 1: Lew Salem]

Mm, it’s summertime back in the city
And I got my niggas with me, and we boutta get busy
If you wasn’t with us the beginning then that’s a pity
Cause I gave this life a hunnid, all you gave it was a fifty

And that’s why your life ain’t change, that’s what you get for bein
Stingy; how you eatin’ but your homie’s pockets skinny?
You was livin’ so large, now you mouse it like a Minnie
I suffered a lot of losses, but it’s worth it now I’m winning

I remember how they used to do me so cold
Cause ya boy didn’t fit in, so fuck it i broke the mold
Put me under pressure, but i still didn’t fold
Rose from the waves, now I’m really in a golden

State of mind, I really mean it man I’m lovin’ life;
Cause I remember all the winter nights it wasn’t nice
I’ll be missin’ for a minute, got another flight
But I’ll be back for the summertime


[Verse 2]

Mm, weekend with the homies and we all lit
Tryin’ not to spill my liquor on my outfit
Runnin’ late for the bar, did we call a Lyft?
Better chug what’s in my cup before we all dip

Tonight it’s Cuffin’, where the tunes real nice
Got a cup in my hand; it’s Henny and chilled ice
And this chain on me shinin’ like outfield lights
Fly like an air field, I feel it in the air, issa

Rare, when you know that your squad about to blow
“America’s Finest City”, we was born with the glow
It’s our time to shine, it’s no time to slow down
I wasn’t lyin’ when I said I’m in a golden

State of mind, word to G.V., I’ve been crushing life
Mama see me on the TV with the running eyes
I was missing for a minute, but I’m on a flight home
I’mma make it just in time, for the summertime